Programmer Analyst (Software Developer) 1431 (H) (Revised 6-1-23)

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$73,789 to $107,886; $78,738 to $115,111; $85,921 to $125,614; $93,041 to $136,033; and $100,203 to $146,494

The salary in the Department of Water and Power is $97,572 to $121,229; $104,316 to $129,623; $114,150 to $141,837; $123,588 to $153,530; and $132,817 to $164,993.




  1. Candidates from the eligible list are normally appointed to vacancies in the lower pay grade positions.
  2. Annual salary is at the start of the pay range. The current salary range is subject to change. Please confirm the starting salary with the hiring department before accepting a job offer.
  3. For information regarding reciprocity between the City of Los Angeles departments and LADWP, go to


A Programmer Analyst (Software Developer) does technically difficult programming and application or software support; analyzes existing systems and procedures; determines the feasibility of data processing applications; designs and participates in the implementation of systems of computer programs; and may act as a lead analyst or project leader in supervising technical employees who are performing such work.