Controller Continues to Make Government More Transparent With ‘Anatomy of an Audit’

December 4, 2019

L.A. Controller Ron Galperin released “Anatomy of an Audit,” a five-minute video granting behind the scenes access to his auditing team and the work they do. One of Galperin’s chief tasks as City Controller is evaluating City departments, programs and offices to see how well they are serving taxpayers — but the public only sees the results of these audits after a report is released.

Featured in the video are members of Galperin’s Audit Services Division, one of five divisions in the Controller’s office. Since his election in 2013, Galperin’s auditing team has completed more than 100 audits on a wide variety of topics, including Prop. HHH homeless housing costs, the delivery of homeless services, DWP wildfire prevention efforts, L.A. tree maintenance practices, City overtime costs, transparency at the L.A. Zoo, environmental issues at oil wells and youth programs.

This video and its accompanying infographic are part of Galperin’s goal to use a variety of different tools and platforms to make the City of Los Angeles more transparent and accountable to residents. 

Watch “Anatomy of an Audit” and explore the infographic at

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