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Elected Officials
Name Email Phone Facebook Twitter Instagram YouTube
Mayor - Karen Bass @MayorOfLA @mayorofla
City Attorney - Hydee Feldstein Soto @CityAttorneyLA @cityattorneyla
City Controller - Kenneth Mejia @lacontroller @lacontroller
Councilmember District 1 - Eunisses Hernandez @cd1losangeles @cd1losangeles
Councilmember District 2 - Paul Krekorian @paulkrekorian @paulkrekorian
Councilmember District 3 - Bob Blumenfield @BobBlumenfield @bobblumenfield
Councilmember District 4 - Nithya Raman @cd4losangeles @cd4losangeles
Councilmember District 5 - Katy Yaroslavsky @cd5losangeles @cd5losangeles
Councilmember District 6 - Imelda Padilla @cd6losangeles @cd6losangeles
Councilmember District 7 - Monica Rodriguez @MRodCD7 @mrodcd7
Councilmember District 8 - Marqueece Harris-Dawson @mhdcd8 @mhdcd8
Councilmember District 9 - Curren D. Price, Jr. @CurrenDPriceJr @currendpricejr
Councilmember District 10 - Heather Hutt @CW_HeatherHutt @CW_Heather.Hutt
Councilmember District 11 - Traci Park @councilwomantracipark
Councilmember District 12 - John Lee @cd12la @councilmemberjohnlee
Councilmember District 13 - Hugo Soto-Martínez @CD13LosAngeles @cd13losangeles
Councilmember District 14 - Kevin de León @Kdeleoncd14 @kdeleoncd14
Councilmember District 15 - Tim McOsker @timmcoskerla @timmcoskerla
Board & Commissions
Name Email Phone Facebook Twitter Instagram YouTube
Affordable Housing Commission
Airport Commissioners, Board of @flyLAXairport @flyLAXairport
Animal Services, Board of @lacitypets @laanimalservices
Area Planning Commission (APC) / Central @Planning4LA @planning4la
Area Planning Commission (APC) / East Los Angeles @Planning4LA @planning4la
Area Planning Commission (APC) / Harbor @Planning4LA @planning4la
Area Planning Commission (APC) / North Valley @Planning4LA @planning4la
Area Planning Commission (APC) / South Los Angeles @Planning4LA @planning4la
Area Planning Commission (APC) / South Valley @Planning4LA @planning4la
Area Planning Commission (APC) / West Los Angeles @Planning4LA @planning4la
Building & Safety Commissioners, Board of
Cannabis Regulation Commission
City Tourism Commissioners, Board of
Civil and Human Rights Commission
Civil Service Commissioners, Board of
Climate Emergency Mobilization Commission
Community & Family Services, Commission for @CIFDLA @CIFDLA
Community Forest Advisory Committee @LACityDPW
Cultural Affairs Commission @culture_la @culture_la
Cultural Heritage Commission @SurveyLA
Disability, Commission on Disability @lacdod
Disabled Access Appeals Commission
Emergency Management Committee @ReadyLA
Employee Relations Board
Ethics Commission, City
Fire & Police Pension Commissioners, Board of @lafpp @lafirepolicepensions
Fire Commission @lafd @losangelesfiredepartment
Harbor Commissioners, Board of @PortofLA @portofla
Health Commission
Housing Authority of the City of Los Angeles @HACLA1938
Human Relations Commission
Industrial Development Authority
Innovation & Performance Commission
Library Commissioners, Board of @lapubliclibrary @lapubliclibrary
Los Angeles City Employees Retirement System, Board of
Los Angeles Homeless Services Authority @LAHomeless
Metropolitan Water District of Southern California @mwdh2o @mwdh2o
Native American Indian Commission, Los Angeles City/County @NAICommission
Neighborhood Commissioners, Board of @EmpowerLA @empowerla
Planning Commission @Planning4LA @planning4la
Police Commissioners, Board of @LAPDHQ @lapdhq
Police Permit Review Panel @LAPDHQ @lapdhq
Public Works Commissioners, Board of @LACityDPW
Recreation & Park Commissioners, Board of @LACityParks @lacityparks
Rent Adjustment Commission
Status of Women, Commission on the @lacsw
Taxicab Commissioners, Board of @LADOTofficial @ladotofficial
Transportation Commissioners, Board of @LADOTofficial @ladotofficial
Water & Power Commissioners, Board of @LADWP
Zoo Commissioners, Board of @lazoo @lazoo
Departments & Bureaus
Name Email Phone Facebook Twitter Instagram YouTube
311 Call Center @MyLA311
Aging, Department of @ladeptofaging @ladeptofaging
Airports, Los Angeles World @flyLAXairport @flylaxairport
Animal Services, Department of @lacitypets @laanimalservices
Attorney, Office of the City @CityAttorneyLA @cityattorneyla
Building & Safety @ladbs_ @ladbs_
Cannabis Regulation, Department of @ladcr
City Administrative Officer, Office of the
City Tourism Department, Los Angeles
Civil + Human Rights and Equity Department @lacivilrights @lacivilrights
Clerk, Office of the City @LACityClerk @lacityclerk
Community Investment For Families @CIFDLA @CIFDLA
Contract Administration Bureau (Public Works)
Controller, Office of the City @lacontroller @lacontroller
Cultural Affairs Department @culture_la @culture_la
Department on Disability @LACDOD
Economic & Workforce Development @LAEWDD @laewdd
El Pueblo de Los Angeles Historical Monument Authority @elpueblola
Emergency Management Department @ReadyLA
Engineering Bureau (Public Works) @labureauengineering
Finance, Office of @CityofLAFinance
Fire Department @lafd @losangelesfiredepartment
General Services Department
Housing Authority @HACLA1938
Housing Department, Los Angeles @LAHD
Information Technology Agency
Library, Los Angeles Public @lapubliclibrary @lapubliclibrary
Neighborhood Empowerment, Department of @EmpowerLA @empowerla
Pensions Department, Fire & Police @lafpp @lafirepolicepensions
Personnel Department @Citylajobs @citylajobs
Planning, City @Planning4LA @planning4la
Police Department @LAPDHQ @lapdhq
Port of Los Angeles @PortofLA @portofla
Public Accountability (OPA), The Office of (Rate Payer)
Public Works @LACityDPW
Recreation & Parks @LACityParks @lacityparks
Retirement System, Los Angeles City
Sanitation Bureau (Public Works) @lacitysan @lacitysan
Street Lighting Bureau (Public Works) @LAlight
Street Services Bureau (Public Works) @BSSLosAngeles @bsslosangeles
Transportation Department @LADOTofficial @ladotofficial
Water & Power, Department of @LADWP
Youth Development Department @LACityYouth @LACityYouth
Zoo, Los Angeles @lazoo @lazoo