L.A. Controller Releases Report, "Diversity With Equity: Achieving Fairness at the City of Los Angeles"

Posted on 02/05/2021
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L.A. Controller Ron Galperin released a report on racial diversity and pay inequity in the City's workforce. In "Diversity With Equity: Achieving Fairness at the City of Los Angeles," he found that the City needed to increase diversity in some of its largest departments and decrease pay inequity for workers of color. Caucasian (white) men were paid more than men of color and white women, and women of color were paid less than everyone else, with Black women faring worst overall. Accompanying the online report is an interactive dashboard showing the makeup of the City's workforce by ethnicity, gender, years of service and pay rate.

"Diversity with Equity" follows Galperin's summer 2020 report on the sizable pay gap faced by women City workers. That report spurred action by the City Council, which is currently working with the Controller's office to address these concerns.

Read the full "Diversity with Equity'' report and explore the dashboard here: lacontroller.org/diversitywithequity

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