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LAFD Reminds You All Fireworks in the City of L.A. are Illegal

Posted on 06/30/2023

Think About Your Neighbors" and celebrate SAFELY this year

All fireworks, even the so-called 'safe and sane' variety are illegal in the City of Los Angeles. It may be tempting to acquire personal fireworks for your 4th of July celebration, but this year we ask you to "Think About Your Neighbor." Personal fireworks are known to negatively affect children, pets, and combat veterans. In addition, the wildfire danger is ever present. We encourage all to seek public fireworks shows, which will be more readily available than they were last year. However, those who use, possess, or transport any type of firework may be subject to criminal prosecution - or worse yet, painful and debilitating injury. Surrounding July 4th last year, LAFD responded to more emergency incidents than the daily average. We implore you to celebrate safely and enjoy fireworks exclusively at public shows.

Learn more at Have fun, and stay safe!