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Homeless Services

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The Los Angeles Homeless Services Authority 

Providing homeless individuals and families the resources they need to achieve independent, stable and secure housing.

Services available include temporary housing, shelter, restrooms, showers, meals,  transportation, alcohol/drug, and mental health counseling, job training, and case management. Additional shelter beds are available during the winter months of December – March.

Resources and Information

The Winter Shelter Program

Overnight shelter, meals, showers, and other services for the homeless.
Safe Parking LA Programs

A safe and legal way to connect people living in their vehicles with resources. All locations include restrooms and security guards.
Homeless Resources Near Libraries

Connecting the homeless with helpful services near library branches. Find help with finding work, food, housing, and more.
Clear Minor Violations From Your Record

Learn how to clear minor violations such as jaywalking or having expired car tags from your record.

Comprehensive Homeless Strategy

Homelessness crosses all demographics, from age to race to gender and sexual orientation. As unique as each homeless person’s story is, standardizing a response to the issue and committing resources accordingly begins to address our homeless crisis. Basic needs of tens of thousands of homeless persons and families are not being met. Everyone has a role in responding to these needs.

The City of LA's Comprehensive Homeless Strategy adopted by the Los Angeles City Council on February 9, 2016, reflects the collaborative efforts of the City Council, its Homelessness and Poverty Committee, The Office of the Mayor, City Departments, the Los Angeles Homeless Services Authority, the County of Los Angeles, homeless service providers and the public. It is meant to be a comprehensive approach to address short- and long-term homelessness issues and is adopted in tandem with the Homeless Initiative approved concurrently by the County of Los Angeles Board of Supervisors.

The full strategy document can be downloaded from the City Clerk's website.

Homeless Strategy Committee Meetings

Date/Time: Last Thursday of each month at 11:15 a.m.

City Hall East
CAO Main Conference Room on the 15th Floor
200 N. Main Street Los Angeles, CA 90012

Agendas/Meeting Materials: Committee agendas and meeting materials can be downloaded at the City Administrative Officer’s Comprehensive Homeless Strategy webpage.