James Kenneth Hahn served as the 40th mayor of Los Angeles between July 1, 2001 to July 1, 2005.

Executive Directives (Hahn Series)

Administrative Procedures (AP)
City Policies and Process (CP)
Emergency Preparedness Procedures (EP)
Financial Management (FM)
Guidelines for City Property Usage (GU)
Inter-Agency Coordination (IA)
Interdepartmental Coordination (IC)
Management Guidelines (MG)
Mayoral Oversight (MO)
Personnel and Employment Practices (PE)
Safety and Security (SA)


Title Date
AP-1: Coordination of Neighborhood Councils and General Managers 01/13/2003
AP-2: Implementation of Teamwork LA to Promote Neighborhood-Based Government 03/25/2004
AP-4: Establishment of Citywide Economic Development Cabinet 06/07/2004
CP-1: City Safety and Health Policy 02/02/2005
EP-1: Emergency Preparedness, Response and Recovery 01/13/2003
FM-1: Annual Adjustment To The Intra-Departmental Transfer Limit 11/12/2003
FM-2: Approval of Inter-and Intra-Departmental Transfers of Funds and Allocations 01/13/2003
FM-3: Fees for Special Services 01/13/2003
IA-1: Support for the Film Industry 03/23/2004
IA-2: Intergovernmental Affairs 11/19/2004
IC-1: Support For The Department Of Neighborhood Empowerment 11/12/2003
IC-2: Support for the Mayor's Office of Immigrant Affairs (MOIA) 11/29/2004
IC-3: Support for the Quality and Productivity Commission-Productivity Information Network (PIN) 01/13/2003
MG-1: Absence from the City 01/13/2003
MO-2: Commissioners Participation in Lease Evaluation 06/09/2004
MO-3: Commissioners and Contract/Lease Negotiations Subsequent to Commission Approval 06/09/2004
MO-4: Contracting Reform, Proprietary Departments 03/11/2005
PE-1: Equal Employment Opportunity, Non-Discrimination and Reasonable Accommodations(rev. 8/20/2004) 02/08/2005
PE-2: Expansion Of City Jobs Program 11/12/2003
PE-3: Fair Labor Standards Act 11/12/2003
PE-4: Administration Of Overtime Provisions 11/12/2003
PE-5: 9/80 Work Schedules 11/12/2003
PE-6: Hiring Of At-Risk Young Adults And Local Hiring In City Projects 11/12/2003
SA-1 - Security 08/31/2004